Thursday, November 1, 2012

Let's Go Trick Or Treating! (Improvised Halloween Costumes, Happy Halloween!)

Dear Cutie Oogie Boogies,

Happy Halloween!!! (uhh...sorta! Pretend it's still Halloween I had so much trouble with my sister's phone and getting the pictures we took from Halloween on my computer :( )

This year I wanted to go as the ever adorable and fantastic Draculaura from the wonderful like of Mattel dolls, Monster High. Though at the store if I wanted the full costume (a 14/16 in girls they had and a wig) I would of been set back at least 45 dollars (YIKES!!) I would rather spend that on clothes for all year! So I decided to think of something else. I put together a costume entirely with things I already owned! Let me show you...

This is the Draculaura costume I wore for Halloween! I have the doll that I carried around also. Let me tell you what I did. I looked through what I had and put together the closest thing I could to her actual outfit, I also had another outfit ready that I thought looked like something she might wear since of course people and monsters don't always wear the exact same outfit every time! I wore the outfit that looked like the doll I had since I thought the twinsies would be cute! For a Draculaura costume all you really need is a good mixture of pink and black in an adorable outfit! If you want a costume that looks like mine I'll tell you each outfit component I used. 
Head: I actually picked up this pink pigtail headband from Goodwill since it was cute and charming and only a couple dollars, since my hair is fairly dark I just put it up in pigtails with my hair and it turned out pretty good, a lot better than spending 25 dollars on a cheap wig I would only wear a couple of times. If you don't have something like this, you could just get pink ribbon to tie in your hair or color strips of paper pink and put them in your hair. If your hair isn't dark you could get just black hair spray and then do the former instruction (Though I think buying black AND pink spray would be better in price than the wig, but I don't know for sure.) I added a bow even though she doesn't wear one because I thought it topped off the outfit well. I did simple makeup, just sunscreen and pink powder over it then drew a pink heart with sharpie on my cheek. My lips have a simple red, but you can't go wrong with pink, dark purple. or black lipstick. After that I wiped off a little off the bottom lip and drew on fangs with some of Megan's face makeup (You could use white eyeliner or anything you feel would work really.) 

Neck: That is just a cute flowery shawl my aunt let me borrow for Halloween!~ You could use anything you want. I think a filly handkerchief or anything white and frilly would work great, actually anything white a splash of white is all you need so anything white you can find should work fine.~

Torso: I am wearing this pretty lacy black long sleeved shirt that, again, my aunt let me borrow. Over that I have a simple hot pink tank top from Rue 21. ( I actually think the black shirt was bought at Rue 21 too) Just whatever long sleeved (or short sleeved) shirt you can find should work, over that anything pink and with less sleeve (a hotter pink preferably) She wears a pink vest, or you could add white buttons to your pink top it would help.~ 

Bottom: I have a black tulle skirt borrowed from my sister under a white Bodyline petticoat that I almost never wear because it lost it's poof right away and isn't really cute enough to wear as a fairy kei tutu. If you have a white skirt, that would be perfect. Something white is the most accurate, but another color could be worn. I have a below picture of another version of this outfit with a different skirt. 

Legs and Shoes: Just whatever you have should be fine. If you can find black tights and some kind of pink shoes. If you can't find black tights, that isn't really a big deal (she's wearing short fishnets anyway) you could use a different color tights, socks, or go without whatever you prefer. If this is for Halloween it can be harder to see your shoes when it gets dark and if you plan to be walking a lot you want something comfortable. This category is the easiest to not be perfect on. The shoes I have on are from Bodyline and the tights I think I got in a pack at Rue 21, I have all kinds of black tights that come packaged with my white and pink tights and I almost never wear them so this gave me a chance. 

When picking an outfit take the weather into consideration! I was hot when the sun was out, but was perfectly cool once it went down. I live in Texas and it can still get pretty hot this time of year! <3 

This is the same outfit with a different skirt! Skirt is from Goodwill~

This is me with Mckinley! All this costume he wore is a sharpied mustache ( I drew it on for him) 3d glasses with popped out lenses and a hat (normal clothes otherwise) He wasn't feeling well and didn't go trick or treating, but I wanted him to feel included. I made him a name tag also, it says Hi, my name is Mr. R Butts (He wanted it to say that so why not? XD) He went as a fancy pants fast food employee I think! Easy improved costume if you don't wanna spend money~! 

Another picture of us in our costumes, also for a candy bag I just used my purse because I thought it matched and it was plenty big enough~

I went quite a few places this October! This is me with a group of friends we just threw together last minute this group costume idea. We went as kids on the Polar express and just wore night clothes a robe and carried stuffed animals! I brought my giant Cheer Bear, wore my big pink night shirt, frilly bloomers a borrowed robe thing, and my cute fluffy pink kitty slippers. I also just threw my hair up in cute pigtails~ Also, LOOK WE MET BATMAN :DD

Sadly, this was the best picture we got of Mckinley wearing his Clawd Wolf costume :( (Clawd is Draculaura's boyfriend) All he had was a wolf mask he cut the face out of and some nice clothes. (I actually went trick or treating twice this one rich neighborhood did trick or treating early and Megan had friends there that invited us. Mckinley went this time, but was sick on Halloween.) 

We also met Tony the Tiger! We went to this little Halloween carnival thing. This was the day I wore the Draculaura costume with the peachy pink skirt and I actually won the best costume for kids 10 and up! I think it was more the smile and hopefully cheery look on my face that won it, rather than the costume itself. (I got a pink monkey doll and "winner" plastic metal thing, I was really happy to have won, haha!) Megan (In the purple shirt) went as a volley ball player which is a pretty easy improved costume too! 

So there you have it! My improved, cheap, Halloween costumes this year! I hope this can help you for next year if you happen to want to go as anything I did this year~! <3 I hope your Halloween was super happy and you got a lot of candy, just don't get sick eating it all!!! <333333

Also, if you were wondering my guinea pig, Sugar, has started improving a lot! She can move on her own now, just not as well, but it's a start! I should resume blog entries after this one very soon. 

Spookily Yours,

Draculaura, I mean Skiteanna La~Sweet

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