Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Sorry sprinkle pops I have to dedicate all my time to helping my guinea pig, Sugar, get better. We can't afford to take her to the vet right now and so I'm relying a lot on the internet to help me. Right now I'm keeping a constant eye on her and trying everything I can. We separated her from Spice, our other guinea pig, and put her cage right by my bed. She has seemed a little better recently and I think I may have found the problem, though we are entertaining several theories.

She has been dragging around her back legs and when we first discovered a problem she couldn't move around at all. She has been having eye crust and I cried lie a baby this morning when her nose was all crusty and I thought she was going to die ): She has been progressing a lot through out the day and I am feeling much more optimistic now! She's been eating alright, but she only really likes the fuzzy parts of her hay, but at least she eats it. I also hand fed her half a carrot. We have been trying calcium (a possible problem is a calcium deficiency according to many many sites I looked at.) It has also come to my attention that the vitamin c supplements sold at petco are inadequate as far as supplements go and that happens to be the kind I give them. 

Overall, I think my piggy has scurvy and I will treat it as scurvy and see if I notice any huge changes. I'll try to link my blog to my twitter and keep everyone updated about Sugar's condition. Hope with me that she will be okay, it may take a week to see results. 

Please offer advice if you keep guinea pigs and may know what I can do! Thank you bundles I love you all!~ <3 

Yours (though ever so troubled), 

Skiteanna LaSweet

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