Saturday, October 13, 2012

Let's Do The Fairy Kei 30 Day Challange! (Day 1. Likes and Dislikes)

Dear Cutie Popples,

(I found this today and decided to give it a try! I tried to do the Lolita one once and never did get it finished so I hope I can stay on top of this one!) ..(Oh! And if anyone knows the source of the challenge I would love to credit them!)

☆ Day one: 5 things you like and 5 things you dislike about Fairy-Kei.

I actually have a lot I like about  Fairy-kei! It may be a little harder to think of 5 whole things I don't like because I tend to prefer thinking positive about things, especially things I like!~


Awwwww~ What's not to love about Fairy-Kei!?~ Photo from Pastel Ai

+ I love how cute it is! I just smile when I see girls dressed up in it, when I dress up in it, when I think about it, It just makes me really happy! I love reasons to smile and be happy and I think everyone should have them.

+ I love how it really fits with my personality! How the lists of traits that may belong to a Fairy-Kei girl tend to belong to me just make me giggle.

+  I love how it's made me rediscover all the things I loved growing up to find I love them just as much now.

+ I love how it helps to make me feel like I have a purpose, like the days when I'm in the store and people looking at me smile as if seeing something so out of the ordinary made their day, or how when I put together really cheap coordinates it just makes me giddy to help other girls do the same thing!

+ I love how, in Fairy-Kei, I can shop anywhere with hopes of finding all the things I need for a full fairy kei outfit! (I can't shop online right now because I'm having paypal troubles, so I need to be able to shop fairly locally.) I have made several outfits from the clothes I bought at Goodwill a few days ago and a lot of my Fairy-kei comes from Goodwill! What I love about goodwill is that they don't sell anything specific. You can get just about anything there, old or new styled, and it is all arranged by color! Fairy-Kei can always work for me any day, no matter where I shop, because it is such a flexible style!

+I love... wait oh dear... we already hit 5 didn't we?  Oh well on to the dislikes :( I'm gonna have to listen to so much fun Cyndi Lauper music after this to wash away all the negative energy. ( :) )


 Do you ever walk through a stre and see the little kid and baby clothes and think, now why can't they make that in my size!?

- I suppose I don't like how I can never really find the pastel shades in my size in the mainstream stores. Sometimes I fear what people will say when my coordinates aren't completely pastel since that is a huge part of the Fairy-Kei style. If I could order online the first thing I would pick up would be several cute pastel T-shirts and cutsews! <3

- I don't like how I don't have enough money to buy all the Fairy-Kei in the world ): ... is that really  a dislike about Fairy-Kei?....Close enough :)

- I wish the community could be as strong as the Lolita community. I don't know if maybe a lot of girls don't wear Fairy-Kei that often or maybe there just aren't as many Fairy-Kei girls yet as there are Lolita girls. I just would like to see more Fairy-Kei meet-ups, they seem like they could be so much fun! (If your a Texan Fairy-Kei girl too, tell me in a comment :) )

- I sometimes wish I could find more blogs to follow on blog spot that regularly update and inspire me!~ (If you know of a few please let me know!)

- I want to be in a Fairy-Kei girl band so much X'D Why oh why can't I know more Fairy-Kei girls! 

Yay! That was actually really fun~ I hope you all enjoyed reading it and I do have a main blog post in the works, I can't wait to answer tomorrows challenge question! Stay cute! <3 

Sleeplessly Yours, (Why can't I sleep at night lately? :'D)

Skiteanna La~Sweet

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