Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Sorry sprinkle pops I have to dedicate all my time to helping my guinea pig, Sugar, get better. We can't afford to take her to the vet right now and so I'm relying a lot on the internet to help me. Right now I'm keeping a constant eye on her and trying everything I can. We separated her from Spice, our other guinea pig, and put her cage right by my bed. She has seemed a little better recently and I think I may have found the problem, though we are entertaining several theories.

She has been dragging around her back legs and when we first discovered a problem she couldn't move around at all. She has been having eye crust and I cried lie a baby this morning when her nose was all crusty and I thought she was going to die ): She has been progressing a lot through out the day and I am feeling much more optimistic now! She's been eating alright, but she only really likes the fuzzy parts of her hay, but at least she eats it. I also hand fed her half a carrot. We have been trying calcium (a possible problem is a calcium deficiency according to many many sites I looked at.) It has also come to my attention that the vitamin c supplements sold at petco are inadequate as far as supplements go and that happens to be the kind I give them. 

Overall, I think my piggy has scurvy and I will treat it as scurvy and see if I notice any huge changes. I'll try to link my blog to my twitter and keep everyone updated about Sugar's condition. Hope with me that she will be okay, it may take a week to see results. 

Please offer advice if you keep guinea pigs and may know what I can do! Thank you bundles I love you all!~ <3 

Yours (though ever so troubled), 

Skiteanna LaSweet

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Let's Do The Fairy-Kei 30 Day Challange! (Day 2. How I got into Fairy-Kei you ask?)

Dear Pastel Pumpkins,

 Day two: Why and how you got into Fairy-Kei.

Well, I am also a Lolita and was a Lolita first. being a Lolita ended up opening so many doors to all kinds of different fashions. The only sub style of Lolita I was really interested in dressing was Sweet (The fairy, OTT, deco kind of sweet~) So, when I found Fairy-Kei you can imagine that it would be and was a perfect match! At first I was just a closet Fairy-Kei, trying not to lose sight of Lolita in the process of adopting another fashion. My Fairy-Kei then just consisted of dancing around in a cute T and my cutest pinkest Lolita pannier! (I still do that a lot of the time XD) Now I've branched out to making my Fairy-Kei coords more wearable and leaving the house in them. (Wearable meaning not just a tutu and T-shirt, seeing as if I left the house in that I would feel rather exposed. >.>) 

Simple outfit I wore out one time (XD) I had a jacket I wanted to wear with it to make it look better, but it was way too hot! I felt like this post needed some pictures and color, it was too naked :P~

Fairy-kei is cute and colorful and as I've said before what's not to love (>u<)

Spookily Yours, (Who here is looking forward to Halloween?)

Skiteanna La~Sweet

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Let's Do The Fairy Kei 30 Day Challange! (Day 1. Likes and Dislikes)

Dear Cutie Popples,

(I found this today and decided to give it a try! I tried to do the Lolita one once and never did get it finished so I hope I can stay on top of this one!) ..(Oh! And if anyone knows the source of the challenge I would love to credit them!)

☆ Day one: 5 things you like and 5 things you dislike about Fairy-Kei.

I actually have a lot I like about  Fairy-kei! It may be a little harder to think of 5 whole things I don't like because I tend to prefer thinking positive about things, especially things I like!~


Awwwww~ What's not to love about Fairy-Kei!?~ Photo from Pastel Ai

+ I love how cute it is! I just smile when I see girls dressed up in it, when I dress up in it, when I think about it, It just makes me really happy! I love reasons to smile and be happy and I think everyone should have them.

+ I love how it really fits with my personality! How the lists of traits that may belong to a Fairy-Kei girl tend to belong to me just make me giggle.

+  I love how it's made me rediscover all the things I loved growing up to find I love them just as much now.

+ I love how it helps to make me feel like I have a purpose, like the days when I'm in the store and people looking at me smile as if seeing something so out of the ordinary made their day, or how when I put together really cheap coordinates it just makes me giddy to help other girls do the same thing!

+ I love how, in Fairy-Kei, I can shop anywhere with hopes of finding all the things I need for a full fairy kei outfit! (I can't shop online right now because I'm having paypal troubles, so I need to be able to shop fairly locally.) I have made several outfits from the clothes I bought at Goodwill a few days ago and a lot of my Fairy-kei comes from Goodwill! What I love about goodwill is that they don't sell anything specific. You can get just about anything there, old or new styled, and it is all arranged by color! Fairy-Kei can always work for me any day, no matter where I shop, because it is such a flexible style!

+I love... wait oh dear... we already hit 5 didn't we?  Oh well on to the dislikes :( I'm gonna have to listen to so much fun Cyndi Lauper music after this to wash away all the negative energy. ( :) )


 Do you ever walk through a stre and see the little kid and baby clothes and think, now why can't they make that in my size!?

- I suppose I don't like how I can never really find the pastel shades in my size in the mainstream stores. Sometimes I fear what people will say when my coordinates aren't completely pastel since that is a huge part of the Fairy-Kei style. If I could order online the first thing I would pick up would be several cute pastel T-shirts and cutsews! <3

- I don't like how I don't have enough money to buy all the Fairy-Kei in the world ): ... is that really  a dislike about Fairy-Kei?....Close enough :)

- I wish the community could be as strong as the Lolita community. I don't know if maybe a lot of girls don't wear Fairy-Kei that often or maybe there just aren't as many Fairy-Kei girls yet as there are Lolita girls. I just would like to see more Fairy-Kei meet-ups, they seem like they could be so much fun! (If your a Texan Fairy-Kei girl too, tell me in a comment :) )

- I sometimes wish I could find more blogs to follow on blog spot that regularly update and inspire me!~ (If you know of a few please let me know!)

- I want to be in a Fairy-Kei girl band so much X'D Why oh why can't I know more Fairy-Kei girls! 

Yay! That was actually really fun~ I hope you all enjoyed reading it and I do have a main blog post in the works, I can't wait to answer tomorrows challenge question! Stay cute! <3 

Sleeplessly Yours, (Why can't I sleep at night lately? :'D)

Skiteanna La~Sweet

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Let's Review Cutie Pops! (Doll Review For Cutie Pops, Chiffon)

Dear Crumpet Dumplings,

Same picture of "Chiffon" from the back of the box! ( ;) )

Back again everyone! Just got home from an evening out with family, we went to Rue 21 and got a few things and had a super good time! Look out for my upcoming post on Rue 21 too!~

This post is actually a few days late, but I have just had to work on getting my sleeping schedule back in order and boy it was a nightmare! I've really seemed like a vampire lately, too many late nights and days spent passed out until five. I only could get a few hours of sleep last night and we left pretty early  for shopping, but I made it so far without passing out so I think I can make it through the night! It can be just terrible and time wasting trying to get your sleep  schedule back, but since I've been out of school falling into bad habits is all too easy!

Enough about me! On to today's blog post that I am very excited about! Cutie Pops! A very very new line of dolls out in the main stream markets. I had honestly never heard of them until I saw them at Walmart and they stole my heart away! They were wearing Lolita!! Whether it stated it or not, they were! I was amazed! The first comparison I made was to Pullips and Blythe dolls, but my Cutie Pop doll was only about 20 dollars! I was so thrilled I couldn't stop bouncing up and down with vigor and I could not WAIT to get home, get the box open, and play with the "Chiffon" doll I bought! I wasn't a fan of the name for her, so I actually decided to rename her (Cotton, after Cotton Pinku!).

(Oh dear, I meant to get right back to this when I was tired and left it here and then...well life got in the way and I finally got a baby paint brush on neopets...hehe.. I really hope I remember all the points I wanted to make!)

(Goes to grab the doll for inspiration) Firstly, let me just say that this doll is insanely cute and it caught my eye the second I spotted it on the shelf! I'm not always an impulsive buyer (okay, okay I can pretty often buy impulsively), but this doll deserved to be bought and was a total bargain. Let's get a closer look, shall we?

Starting With the Packaging!

One of the more important things to the sale of a doll can be the package, but this doesn't usually have much to do with the dolls quality. That being said, I loved the  packaging of this doll! It was cute and eye catching and it just helped little "Chiffon" scream 'Take me home, take me home!' even more. (and I did) The heart-ish asymmetrical shape of the box is very eye catching as is the colorful elements everywhere in the packaging! (I'm a girl who loves pink, and the pink was there.) 

Picture of Cotton (Chiffon) taken on my phone as soon as I got home that day!
 Doesn't it just make you want to rip them straight from the shelves! How about a few more pictures? 

Some mini pictures of the other beautiful dolls in the line! 
 There is what the whole package looked like! The back is so pretty that I have it hanging up in my room next to my Lala Loopsy poster~ Onward to the inside of the package! It was fairyly hard to open, but not much harder than your average barbie doll. My biggest concern is the amount of force it took to get her out worried me that I might break her (she came out of it just fine) 

This is her sitting inside of the inner packaging with the top part off. You can see she comes with a few accessories I'll talk about later. (She's pretty right? look at that hair! <3) Be careful removing her from the package and don't break the pops when you 'pop' them out of that plastic! (They are in there VERY snugly) Also,she has a hair brush that you may have missed in your excitement. Try not to throw it away with the package. (Like I almost did.)

The Doll Is Out Of the Packaging! 
 Once she was free I quickly noticed her adorable, well made dress and her OTT cupcake eyes! (Her eyes are purple and have a CUPCAKE inside of them!) The eyes pop out so you can exchange them with the included 'sleeping' pair of eyes. 

The sleeping eyes are glittery and mainly blue with pink polka dots. I would LOVE to try this with my eye makeup someday. Also the sleeping eyes had a bit of gem type things on the eye lashes. I love both sets of eyes, but I prefer the dreamy shut eyes. As you can see, she also comes with 2 sets of pigtails that 'pop on'. Her main hair that is permanently attached to her head is plastic and hard (and blonde). It seems like it would be a weakness to the doll, but I hardly notice. It is just as fun to play with the pop on pigtails and make up new styles with those (though I am a pigtails kinda girl). The pop it on system for all the accessories is really great. I rarely have a problem with things falling off, but I do have to watch the hair bows. (So if your going somewhere with your doll, either keep a close eye on the hair bows or take them out.)The bow attachment system is different from the other systems of attachment and tend to fall out pretty easily, but the other pops like the cupcakes and hearts are locked in very tightly and are so well attached they can be hard to change. (All the little cupcakes and hearts on the skirt and bows are detachable and interchangeable.) The doll comes with a few extra pops if you want to change the look a little.

Megan also got a doll that day of the same brand, this is our dolls taking a nap on the job!
Megan's doll, Starr, came with mostly the same kind of accessories except she comes with a dog and accessories for the dog! (Her doll was also a little bit more money.) The dress on Starr is far less Lolita looking than all the other dolls in the series, but it is still cute and well designed! My favorite part of Megan's doll are the 3D glasses she comes with (her dog has a matching pair). 

 This is what Starr looked like in her package, a little bigger to make room for her dog! (All the girls have a fashion dog, but I believe Starr is the only one sold WITH her dog.) Her pigtail pops consist of  real hair blue and blonde bun set and a red and blue yarn set ( much like how Cotton came with a pink yarn set of hair) Starr reminds me a little of the 4th of July with her color theme, but I love it!

All the dolls seem to be very well made and so nicely designed! I can only speak for the 2 I have for now, but from what I've heard and seen in stores this is going to be a really strong doll line! (Also, Starr has blue eyes with popcorn in them and I never did get a good picture of her dog :( )

Cotton loves the camera! I took a LOT more pictures, but i may save some for future entries I plan to do. (isn't that cute? My Pinkie Pie key chain is about as big to her as my jumbo Pinkie plush doll is to me!)

 I was very inspired by this doll and plan to make a few more posts based around her, kind of like a series! I wanted to do a hair style post (cause I came up with a LOT of hair dos for her.) I also wanted to do a post about the other brands of dolls who's clothes she can fit in. It's a shame I didn't do this sooner when it was all fresher on my mind. This doll will hopefully be big in the Lolita community and FINALLY I have a fashion doll to try and twin with. ;) I recommend this doll very highly to anyone who may be interested.

 For the price everything is at least a 4.5-5 out of 5 stars. The only real flaws are the hair not being completely real (though that may make it more manageable for little kids.), the possibility of paint imperfections on the hair, the hair bows don't stay in THAT well, an the arms don't bend. (oh, did I mention, THE KNEES BEND it was one of the immediate things I noticed and I almost forgot to say anything about that.) Right now, this is the closest I may be to a Blythe or Pullip, but someday I will have one of each! (Oh dreams~ How nice) I do plan on eventually getting a Blybe though! (I just recently heard about them, they are like fake Blythes and less than half the price! I heard some good things, some bad and I want to find out for myself as soon as I can order online. Is anyone else having a LOT of problems with paypal?)

What is your opinion on Cutie Pops? Do you have one? Would you like to see more posts featuring Cotton? Who wants me to get a Blybe so I can review it for you all? Are you having a nice day? Comment and tell me!

In other news, I just finished Ru Paul Drag Race Season 4, I got a huge fairy kei haul courtesy of goodwill, I finally got a baby paint brush on neopets, I might be Princess Bubblegum or Draculaura for Halloween, and speaking of Draculaura I bought the original Draculaura doll! (want a review? ;) ) 

Anyways, I'm glad I finally got this entry out and I'll try to come back with more REALLLY soon! 

Tardily Yours, 

Skiteanna La~Sweet