Sunday, October 14, 2012

Let's Do The Fairy-Kei 30 Day Challange! (Day 2. How I got into Fairy-Kei you ask?)

Dear Pastel Pumpkins,

 Day two: Why and how you got into Fairy-Kei.

Well, I am also a Lolita and was a Lolita first. being a Lolita ended up opening so many doors to all kinds of different fashions. The only sub style of Lolita I was really interested in dressing was Sweet (The fairy, OTT, deco kind of sweet~) So, when I found Fairy-Kei you can imagine that it would be and was a perfect match! At first I was just a closet Fairy-Kei, trying not to lose sight of Lolita in the process of adopting another fashion. My Fairy-Kei then just consisted of dancing around in a cute T and my cutest pinkest Lolita pannier! (I still do that a lot of the time XD) Now I've branched out to making my Fairy-Kei coords more wearable and leaving the house in them. (Wearable meaning not just a tutu and T-shirt, seeing as if I left the house in that I would feel rather exposed. >.>) 

Simple outfit I wore out one time (XD) I had a jacket I wanted to wear with it to make it look better, but it was way too hot! I felt like this post needed some pictures and color, it was too naked :P~

Fairy-kei is cute and colorful and as I've said before what's not to love (>u<)

Spookily Yours, (Who here is looking forward to Halloween?)

Skiteanna La~Sweet


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    1. Thank you so much! I actually have two on and when they blend together they make a slightly different shade. This kind of pannier is my absolute favorite one they sell on Bodyline! <3