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Let's Do The Fairy Kei 30 Day Challange! (Day 5. Favorite Places To Buy Fairy Kei! Mini Store Reviews)

Dear Sweetie Shorts, 

Just a quick little post to get back into the 30 day challenge! I've been sick for about a week now, but I recently got some good news that really brought me out of that funk, I was accepted to the Lolita Blog Carnival! Yay! So expect posts related to that very soon.

As for this entry I am covering only places I have bought or acquired Fairy-Kei. It would be slightly unfair to talk about places I would buy my Fairy-Kei if I could. I should instead tell everyone where I actually do get my Fairy-Kei! <3 Let's Go! 

 Day five: 5 of your favorite places to buy your clothes.

(I suppose this counts as a mini store review. I'll do full store reviews on some of these places soon also!)


I love Bodyline! It is perfect when you wear both Fairy-Kei and Lolita, like me, and when you are on a budget! Sure they did have a raise in price recently, but they often have a 10 dollar fixed shipping rate which will usually make up for the price a little. I've heard of people buying overseas being hit with shipping up to 50 dollars! I could buy an entire dress on Bodyline for that! Bodyline also tends to have fairy quick shipping, I once had an order arrive overnight! Many of the Bodyline Panniers are not well suited for Lolita, but are perfect for Fairy-Kei! They offer extremely cheap Fairy-Kei tutus that are absolutely wonderful. 

This is a tutu I have in light pink, but want in every single color! This is a perfect example of a Fairy-Kei tutu AND in my own experience this has worked for me as a Lolita "Petticoat" without ever deflating. I just had this pink one layered with a darker purple one of the same design. It has worked great for me in both Fairy-Kei and Lolita and has been a wonderful investment. I think it may have been 13$ or so when I bought it, not it is at 17$ and I would still say buy(If you like it that is)!http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showTBPic.asp?name=/bodyline/photos/pan013-2.jpg?11/13/2012%209:23:00%20PM You can find it in the Bodyline "Pannier" section!
This isn't one I have, but it is one I want! They don't currently have this one in the store, but I think they may come back in stock. The first one I listed has been out of stock then came back, that's how I ended up with a dark purple one instead of another pastel colored tutu. (The reason I have this picture is because everything I list is coming out of my "Fairy-kei things I want to buy" folder!) I like every color combination of this one! So cute! From http://www.bodyline.co.jp/
This one I doubt I would buy at the current price and I wouldn't buy every color combination here. I would likely stay away from the ones that use darker colors, and the price is currently listed as 20. I may wait for the price to go down a few dollars before I go for this one, unless your in love! This one is sold out in many colors, but it is also listed under panniers of you want to take a look! http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showTBPic.asp?name=/bodyline/photos/pan034-2.jpg?11/13/2012%209:36:06%20PM
Now this is one that I really really want! This particular one seems to be off the site right now, but it could be back and I do see it show up in the sales comms every now and then. It is usually under Jumper Skirt on Bodyline if you would like to keep an eye out for it's return! From http://www.bodyline.co.jp/

Bodyline also sells very nice wigs in a wide variety of colors! I hear very good things, but I have a Bodyline wig and can speak from experience! 

I have this wig in "lpik", which is light pink. I actually bought mine from a seller online, but that color is also available on the site still! I love this wig and wear mine all the time! If you were thinking about buying it, go for it! It's a great wig for a very reasonable price. The wigs are located in "Cosplay" then "Wigs" http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showTBPic.asp?name=/bodyline/photos/w035-2.jpg?11/13/2012%209:49:22%20PM

Shoes are some of Bodyline's most popular items! I have this pair in pink and also reviewed them on an earlier post. They are 40 dollars and very cute!http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showTBPic.asp?name=/bodyline/photos/shoes256-2.jpg?11/13/2012%209:56:30%20PM Don't forget the fairy-kei-able shoes located in the "Punk" section! They usually have cheaper shoes like adorable 7$ sneakers perfect for Fairy-Kei! Right now they don't seem to have them, but they could always come back in stock or you could check sales comms. 

Once you have your big items in your cart, if you have a few more dollars to burn you can add in some accessories. They have fake eyelashes for 1$, cute bow headbands, and may kinds of accessories located in "Sundries". You may want to buys tights, leggings, and socks elsewhere unless you fall in love with a pair or find some that are cute and reasonably priced! There you have some of, but not all, my Bodyline Fairy-Kei picks, but don't just rely on my list, go pick out some things you love for yourself and have fun! 


I recently reviewed Walmart.com very positively! The reason for that is Walmart is a very good place to find some cheap Fairy-Kei items. The downside is that it is usually only helpful to those who can fit in kids clothes, though if you can't all is not lost! You can still find cute accessories and buy shirts to use for the design. Cut it off in a design and put a lace borderline, then attach it to a plain shirt that does fit you. You could also use the cute material to turn into bows or anything you wanted. If you can fit into the kids clothing it can be very easy to find Fairy-Kei gems at Walmart! I recently found a Rainbow Brite shirt there for just under 7 dollars. Check out my Walmart.com post if you would like to see my latest haul and stay tuned for a post about "Fairy-Kei at Walmart" where I will go into detail about this. 


I think this may be my post used method for finding Fairy-Kei items! It is also the most fun. You never know what your going to find and it can be a complete Fairy-Kei wonderland at times! Goodwill can be a bit pricey for a thrift store, but is still cheap as cheap gets usually! I actually found a lot of items for Fairy-Kei at a local thrift store that sold everything between 25 cents and 5 dollars usually. I found perfect items that I picked up for around a dollar. I won't get into too much detail, because I will be doing a more in depth "Fairy-Kei at Goodwill" tutorial later! Goodwill is usually where I find my Fairy Kei shoes. I wait until they have something cute in my size then I pounce! My favorite thrifted pair of shoes cost around 7 dollars and I wear them all the time! 

Locally/from a seller 

When buying from someone in your local Fairy-Kei or Lolita community! Since you live close you save a bundle on shipping when you buy from someone close. You can arrange a time to meet and just exchange money for an item, exercise caution when doing this! If you aren't a member of a Fairy-Kei or Lolita community, then search Live Journal or Facebook for one. If one does't exist, make one and hope for the best! When buying from a seller that isn't local there is still shipping, but if they are in the US and are selling you something at a reduced price that they bought overseas, the shipping will be significantly less and will barely matter thanks to the reduced price. I recently bought a Bodyline wig (mentioned earlier) in perfect condition for 15 dollars shipped, it is listed as 17 on Bodyline without shipping. Buying from sellers can be very beneficial! 

Rue 21 Discount Rack 

Rue 21 is not the best place to buy Fairy-Kei, but they have sales and discounts that can't be ignored and are worth a look! It can be harder to make Fairy-Kei outfits out of things bought at Rue 21, but the challenge is half the fun! I have a post on Fairy-Kei at Rue 21 in the works also that will show how I use things I bought at Rue 21 in my Fairy-Kei wardrobe so stay tuned for that soon (Fairly soon)!

I missed you all while I have been sick and I'm looking forward to coming back with a bang! This post ended up being longer than I thought it would be which makes up for the fact that this is only one Fairy-Kei Challenge question. See you next time! 

Healthily (mostly) Yours,

Skiteanna LaSweet 

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