Friday, November 16, 2012

Let's Join the Lolita Blog Carnival! (One JSK, 5 different outfits!)

Dear Sparkly Eyed Dolls,

I am so excited to be writing my first Lolita Blog Carnival post! I didn't sleep last night to ensure everything would be done on time. The task is, "Take one staple wardrobe item, like a skirt, JSK, or OP, and make 5 different coordinates with it. May also be great to talk about budget." I thought this was the perfect topic for me to start off with. My blog is all about budget and making what you have stretch as far as you can! I can just about guarantee that every one of the outfits pictured in this post were bought for 50 dollars or less (Not including shoes, I only have a few pairs of shoes and they are an investment always.) and with a shared JSK that really can save money. Being able to put together different looks with one piece of clothing is a key part in wearing something like Lolita regularly. Okay! On with the show. Let's start! 

Outfit 1- Fairy-Loli Fun Fun FUUUNN!! 

This was easily my favorite outfit! Can you see I made use of that Tunic I bought for around 4 dollars at This outfit is incredible fun to wear and just brings me to life inside when I wear it. I think this one suits me the best. Remember that pink Bodyline JSK because you might be seeing a lot of it very soon!

I felt I looked like a Lala Loopsy here myself! Can you picture it? I can! Suzette La Sweet's silly cousin Skiteanna LaSweet! (My pen name last name being the same as hers was unintentional, but I'm not bothered at all by it~! I love the Lala Loopsy doll line.)

Outfit Rundown 
Bow-Kroger (1.50$)
Glasses- Rue 21 (Free, but one get one free sale!)
Wig- Bodyline (bought from a seller online for 15 including shipping) 
Pink Confetti Tunic- Target for about 4.17$ on clearance ~ 
High Waisted Pink JSK- Bodyline (I believe I think I spent about 25 a few years ago) 
Cupcake necklace- Gift from my Japanese teacher (She made it!)
Tights- Rue 21 (I think the pack of pink and black was around 4)
Shoes- Bodyline (They were 40$)
Other jewelry is thrifted, given to me, or from Mcdonalds (The watch)
Whole outfit total- 89.67$, without the shoes it comes to 49.67$

Next up! 

Outfit 2- Little Lavender Dreamer

This was my favorite shot in this outfit! I really wish I had a matching purple ribbon to tie around the waist of the dress to finish off the look.

Outfit Rundown 
Bow- Kroger ($1.50)
Wig- Bodyline (bought from a seller online for $15 including shipping) 
Blouse- Goodwill ($4.19)
High Waisted Pink JSK- Bodyline (I believe I think I spent about $25 a few years ago) 
Backpack- Goodwill (It was a long time ago I think it was around $2)
Tights- Walmart ($1.50)
White Shoes- Walmart ($8)
Without shoes- $49.19 With shoes- 57.19
Wow stuff really adds up, huh?

Outfit 3- Causal...Fairy-Loli...thing....I guess (XD")

This would be a good outfit for a day out at the park, a walk, or to go to school in.

Bring a jacket for when you get chilly.

In this outfit I'm using the JSK as a skirt by putting a shirt on over it. This is one of my favorite JSKs to wear as a skirt! The key to this look is less poof, lower poof. This would be a great time to layer short petticoats/panniers like I do. I used one pannier with some lift and wore it midway down my hips to give it the casual shape I wanted.

After school on the walk home (or just when it gets a little colder if you didn't wear it to school) a simple hat like this fit right over the double bun hair style. I stuck the hair bows in my lunchbox (I use it as a regular bag.)
Outfit Rundown 
Hat- Target ($10)
Glasses- Rue 21 (Free, but one get one free sale!)
Shirt- Walmart (I think it was around $7)
Jacket- Christmas gift one year (I think it was around $16 and bought at Walmart)
Hello Kitty Lunchbox- Gift from Mckinley
High Waisted Pink JSK- Bodyline (I believe I think I spent about $25 a few years ago) 
Polka dotted Leggings- Goodwill ($2) 
I don't have the foggiest clue how much those socks were, but they were from Goodwill
Shoes- Goodwill (I think they were $7 or cheaper)
Overall price with shoes-$51  Without shoes- $44
OH I forgot  to add the bows, they would only be $1.50 each, I get most of my bows from Kroger.

Outfit 4- A More Traditional Sweet Lolita Outfit (Caps everywhere because they just look nice, some things are titles and such yadayada~) 

I really wanted to do more hair styles, but you know how it is when your curler breaks and you loose all your hairpins in a move right? Made things a bit harder as far as hair is concerned. No one is more disappointed than me that I couldn't use my real hair more.

.....I am sensing a pattern here...
Bow and ...oh what else? "I guess I'll get the matching bag!"

Outfit Rundown
It can be difficult to remember actual prices,  bought a lot of this stuff a long time ago! (XD")
Bow- This came off my Bodyline Carousel Skirt and I think the bow is a free add on to the skirt~
Wig- Bodyline (bought from a seller online for $15 including shipping) 
Blouse- Goodwill ($1.50)
High Waisted Pink JSK- Bodyline (I believe I think I spent about $25 a few years ago) 
Carousel Bag- Bodyline (I don't remember what I paid, maybe $7?)
White Tights- Walmart ($1.50)
Shoes- Bodyline (They were 40$)
Total without shoes- $50 With shoes- $90

Outfit 5- Winter ...erm... Wonderland?

Winter is coming soon so I decide to do a warm outfit last.

Outfit Rundown
Earmuffs- Bodyline (I think they are $6)
Bow- Kroger ($1.50)
Scarf- I got that for Christmas long long ago in a galaxy far far away
Blouse- Given to me by Louise
High Waisted Pink JSK- Bodyline (I believe I think I spent about $25 a few years ago) 
Tights- Walmart ($1.50)
Shoes- Gift for my birthday one year
A lot of gifts this time! Let's add it up~
Total- (Shoes cost me nothing so it would be useless to do a separate total) 34

So to do a quick recap we had

and 5 outfits from one JSK

The JSK I picked, I picked because the simplicity. The simpler the skirt, dress, or JSK the easier it is to coordinate the way you want. When the piece is one solid color you can choose your own color scheme more freely. In a dress with a loud print you can be slightly limited in color selection. When first starting, it may be better to buy simple pieces that you can dress up any way you choose! It is easy and quick when your just starting out to buy just a dress or 2 in colors you like to wear, so will therefore own a lot of or have plans to own more of. Also, did you notice the shoes and JSK usually almost made up the whole price? Other things can be picked up very cheap and you never know what you will accumulate over the years! 

 A few tips

~ If your using a print dress and your at a loss for how to coordinate it, look at the colors in the print. Bringing colors out of the print can really make the little details stand out more. You could also accessorize around a theme, I always find that to be fun and easy!  

~ Don't worry about making a million different perfect outfits when your just starting out. When you just start in Lolita you are still deciding how exactly you want to look in Lolita and your still in the early stages of collecting pieces you may need to create different outfits. Just wear your new JSK without a blouse when it first arrives if you want! Sure it may be against the rules, but I sure didn't wait to buy a blouse before I tried on my first JSK (This one, actually). If your worried about being perfect on your first try, just remember. The fun part of Lolita is the journey! (Though the end result is still pretty fun too!) 

~ Don't worry so much about doing everything right!  I think you should learn the rules, gain inspiration, then brake the rules a little! If it looks good to you and you love it then that is absolutely all that matters! You shouldn't be too afraid to be yourself because of what people might say. The point of fashion is to be yourself and express yourself. Your awesome! Be proud of it!~ 

~ Don't worry be happy! That can be hard advice to follow. Things get bad for everyone, some more than others. Everyone has had at least one bad day. Even if you don't feel like smiling smile, even if you don't feel like dressing up in your favorite outfit, do it anyway! Sometimes you have to force yourself to think your happy on bad days and it can turn into being happy! That works pretty often for me, but that isn't always the answer. A thing to remember is that fashion should make you happy! If it isn't making you happy anymore find out why, maybe you found you took an insult to heart and it's been dragging you down. It can be hard, but try to remember tip 3! At the risk of rambling I'm going to leave it at that. 

So, which outfit is your favorite? Do you have any tips you would give about coordinating outfits around one piece of clothing? I had a really good time with this post and I hope to do more Lolita Blog Carnival posts in the near future! I hope my first one was a success! 

Other super blogs who also joined in on the fun! 

(I was up all night AGAIN, so) Sleepily Yours,

Skiteanna La~Sweet

(Wrote this yesterday, but posted today as soon as I got up! I actually got some sleep tonight~)


  1. I really love the second outfit a lot! I agree, a simple lavender ribbon that you can probably pick up at a crafts store tied around the waist would make it absolutely perf! (I think I have a terrible bias because lavender is one of my fave colours.)

    1. I love lavender too! >u< Pink is my absolute favorite though. I could of picked one up if I had a car, I think I might try to get one before I wear it out. I also want to get lavender tea party shoes that match my pink ones so I can wear one of each with some fairy kei coords! <3 So when I get those shoes they would be good to wear with that look too.