Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Let's Review Target.com! (Store Review Episode 3)

Dear McSugars with a side of Candied Apples,

I recently received my Target.com order! Actually it's been about a week or so, I don't remember exactly when I received everything now. I started feeling sick around the time I received it and only just recently got better. So, this review is a little late, but I'm glad you all waited for me! Now let's get started!


First off we are going to talk about shipping. Before you even think about ordering anything from Target you need to know what kind of shipping you are in for. I spent 20 dollars on actual clothes and thought my 25 dollar gift card would cover tax and shipping. I was wrong and it is a good thing I still had money on my card. The order came to around 32 with shipping and tax. I only bought 3 things from a store that I imagine ships from the US and shipping was almost 9 dollars. I thought since the shipping was so much, far more than I spent at Walmart (I bought 4 things at Walmart and shipping was around 3 dollars.) that it would arrive much faster. It didn't it was actually much slower. I ordered a wig from a girl on the Facebook Bodyline Sales Comm a while after I ordered from Target and it arrived sooner than my Target order did. Target.com also made it impossible for me to track my order, Walmart made it so easy that I knew the exact day everything was coming. Target didn't even send me a tracking number and just linked me to the UPS site. Also after I ordered I looked up Target.com and started hearing horrible things. People not receiving the right items and people who didn't receive their items at all and can't seem to get a refund. I was happy just to have everything I ordered and not have to worry about all that when it did finally come.


(I somehow don't currently have the pictures of the unopened packaging that I took on my computer, but if it is still on my aunt's phone I can send them and update this part later. (It's dark out there right now.) )

I was greeted by a package that arrived late, but in perfectly fine condition. It was much like the bag my Walmart order came in, but had Target and the Target logo all over it. When I opened it I was filled with a slight disappointment.

The colors were not as I remembered! Sure they were still pink, but something was off with the shades. For this review I will track down the original site photos for comparison. Let's start with the first in the lineup. 

This is Target's picture of the tunic I ordered. It was on clearance for extremely cheap and still is. http://www.target.com/p/circo-girls-short-sleeve-tunic-azalea/-/A-14100216#prodSlot=medium_1_49&term=tunic

Here is what arrived on my doorstep. Barely the same color at all really. It was backed with cardboard to protect it, but it ended up giving it unfortunate crease lines. I was very disappointed with the color of this garment at first, but I have since found a way to use it that makes me happy. Still, the colors difference was not favorable. The coloring of the shirt in my pictures is very close to real life and their pictures are extremely inaccurate. I bought this because of the cute pattern of stars, hearts, and confetti! I still love the pattern and think it is just adorable. For the price I ended up still being satisfied with this item. (I'll have a picture of everything I bought worn at once in the end and eventually I will show how I would ACTUALLY wear this in another post.)

I was most excited about this! This is the Target.com picture of the skirt I bought, it looks pretty close to the stock of the tunic and I liked the shades of both in the pictures! http://www.target.com/p/cherokee-girls-challis-skirt/-/A-14086185#prodSlot=large_1_19
The color ended up being duller and darker than the original picture. It wasn't the pretty light pink Target showed. That wasn't the biggest problem. I had the biggest problem with how cheap the material felt. The material feels very cheap and looks cheap if you get a good look at it. Honestly, it felt a bit like Halloween costume material. It was on clearance, but the original price compares to the skirt I recently bought at Walmart. Not only was everything from Walmart.com the exact color of the picture(which is why I didn't feel the need to include the original pictures in my Walmart review.), the materials didn't feel or look nearly as cheap from Walmart.com either. I will still wear this skirt because the design is cute, just like the tunics design is cute, but I was rather disappointed with the quality. 
This was originally meant to be the front, but I like wearing it backwards more. I think the straight lines in the front and the crazy lines in the back looks better on me. 

This time the picture was actually spot on, but in the spirit on tradition I posted the original Target.com pictures of this item as well! http://www.target.com/p/hello-kitty-girls-hat-osfm/-/A-14203022#prodSlot=medium_1_1&term=hello kitty hat
This was easily the best item of my mini haul! It was nicely constructed with thick and warm materials. My only complaint was I could of got almost exactly the same thing at Walmart for less money. The only reason I didn't was because I had a gift card for Target that had been collecting dust since graduation so I figured I would buy the one from Target instead. This is the only item I bought that wasn't on clearance, but was still my favorite despite costing more. It is cute and comfy and fits my average sized head! 

All together now! 
You can better see the differences in color here, of course I would likely not wear this as an outfit out anywhere. I had everything on at once for comparative purposes and so I didn't have to take 3 times the pictures. Also Mckinley was asleep still so I had to take the picture myself in front of the bathroom mirror, sorry about that!

I was left with this extra trash. Everything was backed with cardboard. This is the packaging I was talking about earlier, but this is after it was all opened.

I give Target.com a 4/10 and I'm being generous, because I do like things about all of the items and at least they didn't send me the wrong things! I doubt I will order from them ever again, but I think if I'm at Target I will still shop there. I will buy mostly Hello Kitty stuffed animals though! I don't recommend buying from Target.com, but if you feel daring go ahead! Though see if Walmart has practically the exact same thing cheaper first! 

I wanted to buy this vintage looking My Little Pony T shirt that came with a Halloween costume on Target.com, but it was 30 dollars. In the end maybe I should have and then I may have had free shipping! "Free Shipping On Orders Over 50$" Though be warned that is only for select items that say that. Also I wouldn't bother with their Red Card I took quite a bit of time applying for it and found out weeks later I had been denied. http://www.target.com/p/women-s-my-little-pony-costume-set/-/A-13668937#?lnk=sc_qi_detaillink I wanted the shirt, but in the end, 30 dollars for a T shirt and a cheap pony ear band. I couldn't do that! (XD")

I'm glad to finally have this for you all! I hope it was informative and helped you decide whether or not you wanted to place an order at Target.com. 

Very Very Very Pinkily Yours, 

Skiteanna LaSweet

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  1. Nice finds! The Hello Kitty hat is very cute!