Thursday, November 1, 2012

Let's Pay With Paypal! (How to use Paypal)

Dear Confused Cuties,

(This is my 4th post today, I am feeling very much on fire! XD I learned how to use Paypal, ordered a wig I've been wanting, and got my order from all in one day!)

I thought about titling this post "Paypal for Dummies" as a play on the book series, but I'm not a dummy, your not a dummy and dummy sounds pretty offensive!

This post is to share my experiences with Paypal and to help others like me understand how to use it without needing to call costumer service like I did (which is a hassle, trust me). When I first made a Paypal account I was honestly very confused. I filled out all the information and added my bank account (which took a few days, but wasn't too difficult). That's something I suggest you do. Add your bank account to Paypal. I forget exactly how I did that since I did that part a few months ago and it isn't fresh on my brain. Paypal wouldn't let me send money or do anything for those few months unless I sent them my pictures of things like my id and social security card. I wasn't comfortable doing that, and I'm sure I could of worked it out sooner, but calling costumer service is a real hassle. If you do want this done quickly I would suggest calling them and saying things like "Transfer me" and "I need help" to the automated Paypal lady until she transfers you to a real person, then talk to them. Be kind and respectful, but also persistent, if it is urgent then make sure you state that. You should NOT have to send a picture of your social security card online, it seems unsafe and I would advise you not to do it. Talk to them and try to resolve the issue another way.

My issues were resolved before I ever got around to calling. I gave trying to buy things that required Paypal a rest for a while then yesterday I got an email that my account was verified and I could use it. I was pleased I didn't have to call and have it resolved, but I did end up calling the costumer service. It took forever to get connected to someone, but when I did she was kind and helpful. So I am here to explain things I learned regarding Paypal.

* If you have a card connected to Paypal, it won't take 3-5 days to buy using a bank account/card connected to Paypal. It will be processed instantly without having you add money to your actual Paypal balance.

* If you are looking to buy from someone have them send you an invoice and if you have money on your card or in the bank you can easily just click pay and it should draw the funds from your account.


I know going through things like this with a tool as important as Paypal isn't easy, but I went through this and can help you if you need it! I know how to use Paypal now, but earlier today I was completely clueless having never used it before. If your in the same boat as I was, never fear for Skiteanna is here! Just ask if you have any more questions on the subject and we may both end up learning something! Happy spending!

Now that we have that out of the way, look at the wig I just bought on the Facebook Bodyline sales comm.!

(This picture was taken by the girl I'm purchasing the wig from, this was the picture on the sales post!) 

I bought it for 15 shipped and I thought that deal was great! I can't wait to wear it with everything!~ Expect a review and plenty of pictures when it arrives! 

Also, I have my eyes on this dress from the same sales comm. 

This is the stock picture of the dress on the Bodyline website! 

It would be 44 dollars shipped, I would be owner number three and it's missing the middle bow. This is a dress I've wanted for a long while, but Bodyline has been sold out in pink for quite some time. I can buy it as soon as I have the money in the bank since I can now use Paypal! What do you think? 

This may be the last post today, but I'm feeling good so who knows! <3

Happily, Hyperly, Ecstatically Yours, 

Skiteanna La~Sweet

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