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Let's Join the Lolita Blog Carnival! (Episode 3- DIY Gift ideas!)

Dear Kitten Cotton Candy Bubble Gum Kids, (<3)

Another post for the wonderful Lolita Blog Carnival!

I really don't have many ideas for this particular topic because I am not currently the greatest at DIY projects (I wanted this topic to win, because I wanted to hear everyone else's ideas to help me!). I need to buy materials and that is just not possible for me right now. I do sit around watching a LOT of videos on how to make things some days though and that may be just enough to help you all with your gift making needs. It can be easier if all the links are put in one place!

With Christmas right around the corner you may be feeling the stresses of what you should get everyone you love. I know I am! With only 50 dollars to spend on everyone for Christmas, I'm going home for Christmas so I can't get a job until I get back. If your on a budget like me you may be wondering what you can do to see that smile on all your loved ones faces and if you thoughtfully make them something from your heart the smile is sure to grow even bigger!

I separated some different links to DIY tutorials into different levels of difficulty so it will be quicker and easier for you to find something at your skill level. I will also offer my own personal advice on each tutorial. Now, welcome to my secret world of cute tutorials!

EASY (Cheap, Little to no sewing)

 Glass Bottle Charms! 
   Fairy in a Bottle- More delicate wings could be easily made with tulle and wire! You could also glue on some sparkling shapes like hearts and stars onto your fairy wings. The body could be substituted with a bead or two, but the wire wings likely won't go on as well. A different shape could be made with the Polymer clay for a different kind of fairy look. This tutorial compares to this expensive charm on Etsy. If you would like to copy the look of this charm suspend your fairy in clear soap. Put half of the clear soap in your bottle then carefully place your fairy in and cover the rest with soap. If you want your fairy to be more secure you can combine the fishing line technique in the tutorial with the soap method (It just might get a little complicated I'd imagine, but I believe in you!). This fairy from etsy looks like it could have been made with tulle and wire wings and a fake pink pearl body. The charm could be replicated if that look is one you would rather have for your charm. If you use a clay fairy and want it's body to be sturdy you can bake it! Polymer clay is pretty easy to bake (or) and I've been wanting to try my hand at making polymer clay charms myself. 
   Standard Easy Bottle Charm- This is very very easy, but still so cute! Your friends will love them, wouldn't you? Bottle charms will work for anyone! Just make sure the colors and bottle filling fit their own unique style and personality! So many ideas!
   ★Special Meaningful Bottle Charms- This is by far my favorite of the bottle charms. I remember having a fairy dust necklace when I was younger and I wore it all the time then cried when it broke. Something about the idea of magic touched my heart even if it was just glitter(which it wasn't!). Your friend will appreciate the fact that you were thinking of them when you made this adorable gift! The different ideas for a meaningful bottle charm are fairy dust, love potion, nightlock berries(The Hunger Games, or), fairy glow(just put it in a bottle and maybe add some glitter), some of your blood (lol not really :P), message in a bottle, dragon tears, Alice in Wonderland "Drink Me", Harry Potter potions and other magicalness (unicorn bloodDrink of Despair,Gillyweed,Polyjuice Potion, there are many many more possibilities and she has several on her channel here), the possibilities are endless! Just use your imagination and glue on some labels if you want!
♥ Polymer Clay Charms! 
   ★Polymer clay can do anything! You can make something for everyone! Remember those bottle charms from earlier? You could use white glue or soap and white paint to make a bottle of "milk" and you could use polymer clay to make a chocolate chip cookie and just put them both on a key chain. Also, you could take your Alice in Wonderland "Drink Me" bottle and you could pair it with an "Eat Me" cookie for a complete set! Here I will share a few tutorials that may help you create different polymer clay charms. I'm putting them in neat and easy categories based on Lolita sub-styles, but you know your friends best and what would fit them the most. I will only provide a few examples of what you can make so you can have the joy of making your own charm or finding a tutorial that best works for you. 
    ♥Sweet Lolita
Cute Scented Cookie Charms, Rainbow Macaroon Cake CharmBow Ring (Could also make a cupcake ring or whatever you want~) 
    ♥Classic Lolita
Rose, Pastry Charms, Elegant Pendant
    ♥Gothic Lolita
Scented Halloween Cookie Charms(works well with Dark Fairy-kei too! Creepy-cute), Black Love Charm, Cross Charm, Black Cat Earrings

It would be fun for all of the above to make polymer clay friendship charms!    

You can buy little cork bottles at Micheal's, Hobby Lobby, or online.(It may be good for key chains and jewelry charms if you can find a plastic version instead of glass so it is harder to break) 

You can buy Polymer clay at the same places generally, here is a place to buy it online.

MEDIUM (Not too hard, may require some sewing)
  ★BOW TUTORIAL LINK ATTACK GO! Bow(Sweet) Bow Bow Earings Ribbon Bow Clips Bow No Sew Bow Headband Alice Bow
Doll Clothes
   ★ Is your friend a doll person? I know this Christmas I'm hoping to be able to get some cute dolls and accessories(I want a Blybe and Tangkou England)! I would be very happy if my friends made me clothes just for the occasion! Before you do this make sure you know your friend has or is getting a doll and make sure you make clothes for the correct type! Sewing patterns, doll dress tutorial  
Other Accessories
Headdress or, Half Bonnet 

ADVANCED (Use a rather high skill level and/or cost more to make)
Actual Lolita Clothes!
    ★ If you have the time and ability I'm sure your friends will be shocked and delighted to find out that this Christmas they are getting Lolita clothes handmade with love by you! Here are some helpful tutorials for this project here here here here For a lot of tutorials from one girl go to this channel she has many many tutorials. 
Metal Jewelry
   ★ I know it can be done, but I can't do it! It could be a great gift if you know how to do this. I tried to find some tutorials to help also! here I'm not sure what to recommend, but I wish you the best of luck! here 

Maybe you could write a meaningful card! Cards can go with your gift or even be the gift themselves. (If you can draw, or even if you think you can't, the card may be prettier with lots of special drawings!)

Other super blogs who also joined in on the fun!

This took a lot longer than I expected! It was just a bunch of links after all. I'm very tired and my computer actually died half way through this and I had to rewrite some of it. I hope you enjoy all the thousands of links and ideas that I suggested and have a wonderful time making cute gifts!! If you make any gifts for your loved ones pleased show me I would love to see links!~ <3


Skiteanna La~Sweet

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  1. Thanks for all the great recommendations! I didn't get a chance to write one this week, but I'm glad to see that you had so much cute ideas.

    One idea for lolita items that's easier to make is a cutsew! I made one using a dollar store tshirt and some lace I found on sale! Here's a link to some ideas:
    Here's a blog post with me wearing the one I made: