Thursday, November 1, 2012

Let's Review! (Store Review Episode 2)

Dear Sparkling Wishbones,

I just received my order today from, it's been a very excited day! I ordered from them because a few cute T-shirts caught my attention and they were one of the few stores I could find that took a bank transfer. (I actually think yesterday Paypal finally fixed the issues with my account.~) Let's get started shall we?

The Packaging 

This is the bag my order came in, not unlike Bodyline bags I've received. It was really touch to open and I ended up stabbing it with a pencil to open it, but at least you know your items won't fall out. It was very well sealed. 

I'm not really sure why this piece of paper was really crinkled, it was just in the bag that said what was in my order. 

The Order!!

Is that not a beautiful looking pile?

Let's start with the one I really did open first, Rainbow Brite! 

I have to mention how neatly everything, but this top especially, was folded. It looked better than when you get them directly from the store. It was so soft and I was in for a surprise I wasn't expecting also. 

This is the super cute front side they have pictures of on the website, and; 

Look at the adorable back print that I didn't even know about! <3 It was such a nice surprise. 

This one fits very well, maybe the best of the bunch! The sleeves are made a little longer than these 14/16 Walmart shirts usually are and that is the main problem I have with most shirts I get at Walmart. Here is a picture of this shirt worn, the skirt I bought is worn with every shirt so even though I haven't reviewed the skirt yet, I will very soon. 

Just a little snap of me wearing it (plus the skirt) I have on my night clothes under it (a thick tank top and night shorts) I wanted to be able to change in the room~

I had to snatch up this Rainbow Brite shirt, it was such a cute 80s inspired fairy kei find! I couldn't believe they had her actually, is Rainbow Brite making a comeback in mainstream culture? Still available on and I believe in select stores also. (Mine is in a size 14/16 Girls) 

On to the next one I opened!!

This one wasn't folded as good as the flawless Rainbow Brite shirt, but was still folded very nicely! 

This shirt was the second very pleasant surprise I had. I almost didn't get this one because the darker shade of pink (I was looking to buy more fairy-kei-able shirts, so light pastels and 80s characters) This shirt stole my heart ever since I took it out of the package. I knew I made the right choice spending the 5 extra dollars to buy this. The chick is adorable with her glasses and her little bow and the message is perfect. That's what fashion is all about, expressing yourself. So I know think I was silly to consider not getting it, it's perfect for Fairy-kei despite the darker shade! (Plus the chick reminds me of a line of characters I designed for my Fairy-Kei clothing line I'm working on! <3) This shirt also fit very well, the second best fitting of the 3 shirts. (Rainbow Brite fit the best as I mentioned earlier.) This shirt is a girls 14/16 and I believe is still available online and possibly in select stores.

The bulges that look awkward are just from the thick tank top that I mentioned I was wearing underneath.

Next we have that skirt you keep seeing! 

This one couldn't really be folded as perfectly as the shirts because of the ruffles, but it still felt so nice and fresh when it came out of the bag! <3 

I'll admit right now, I love the majority of things Walmart puts out with Hello Kitty on it. It's not just because I like Hello Kitty (Who doesn't?) Sanrio type things tend to be made in a way so compatible with Fairy-kei. The light color along with the layer with tulle and stars under another regular skirt layer just makes it look so sweet. I actually have another Hello Kitty Walmart tutu similar to the start material. The star pattern looks about the same, but the other one is a hot pink while this is more of a baby pink. (I will have pictures in my post about shopping for fairy-kei at Walmart with pictures of the skirt I'm referring to.) I really like this skirt and you can see pictures of it in all of the pictures on this article because this skirt was the only bottoms I had in the order so I just wore it with all the tops for worn pictures. This skirt is being sold on both and in select stores I think and it is a size 14/16 girls. I wasn't sure if it would be too big but it fit my waist fine and has plenty of elastic still. My waist is about a 24 around I believe to give you an idea. 

Last, but not least! (In fact I opened it last because I was saving my favorite for last!) 

I was so excited I forgot to snap a separate picture of this one sitting in the plastic. 

This shirt was the sole reason I ordered from in the first place. I saw it in our local Walmart and when we went back I wanted to get it, but it was gone! I decided once to look for it on the site and was able to find it and saw the advertisement for 97 cent shipping! I found they took bank transfers and not just Paypal and I was sold. I found a few other gems and made my order. I knew by looking at it these sleeves were made shorter so I wasn't surprised when this one fit the worst of the three, just in the sleeves mostly. No matter who wears these shirts the sleeves look short so I think it's just a design some Walmart shirts have. This shirt is exactly what I wanted. Something cute, pastel, and with an adorable design on the front. I actually had the pink Moshling on Moshi Monsters I believe (that's the game the characters on the shirt are from and it's one I play.) This shirt was the favorite with my friends, though my aunt really loved the Rainbow Brite shirt. (Who could blame her that one is so cute!) This shirt is one I've been very excited about and it lived up to my expectations well! The color on the website and the color in the actual shirt match very well. Walmart has done a great jobs with the color on the stock photos of the clothes I received. I can't wait to wear this shirt with fairy-kei coords, but I don't think I'll put it through the dryer, I'll just let it air dry. Here is this one worn; 

I'm not a fan of the look of the shorter short sleeves on me, but I can easily pair this with a cute open jacket or something.
This is what I was left with in packaging when it was all opened. Not too bad. 

Well that's my review! I give a 4.7 out of 5 for my experience today, the little I took off is for the weird short sleeves they do on their T-shirts, but that is my only complaint. Shipping was fast and cheap and everything lived up to my expectations completely. I am very happy with my order and if you have any individual sizing questions feel free to ask me. I will cover more about Fairy-kei at Walmart in a future post I've been planning.~ My next store review will be on I had a gift card and I already have something in the mail! See you next time Pretty Princesses (and Princes and everything else!) 

Sweetly Yours,

Skiteanna La~Sweet

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