Friday, July 6, 2012

Let's Review Bodyline! Episode 1

Dear Sugar-Nuggets,

I'm back for another Friday! The winning topic for today's blog is a Bodyline review! I bought things from Bodyline around my birthday in January and soon after actually made a video review, but I have a funny sounding voice and was really embarrassed so I made it private. This is just going to say similar things to that review plus a few new things I learned after having them and wearing them for a while. Enough about me~ Let's Review Bodyline~!

First item: Squirrels eating cake and drinking tea (Squirrel party?) dress in pink (purchase price 55$ current price 47$)
The picture of this dress on the website. (I have those socks, one of my favorite pairs!)

Though the dress looks very pink in the picture it has more of a lavenderish undertone in real life, but I actually like it like that and it gives my closet more of a variation with shades of pink so this color difference wasn't any points off.
Picture from my original review video of me holding up the dress. 

The dress itself has one of the cutest motifs of any dress on bodyline. It is very angelic pretty inspired and I just love the super cute print! Though, in some places the color on the print seems smeared and is out of the lines. I don't know if that an intended part of the dress, but it just looks like a stain to me. The lace is of average quality for bodyline, but after wearing the dress for long periods of time I find the lace is rather scratchy and it makes me sad to have scratchy lace against my skin for so long ):. Also, the bows and ribbon are of rather poor quality and look cheap. 

This is a close up of the bow quality, I don't know if you can see. (My favorite nail polish!)

The bigger bow it came with to go on the middle is just adorable though. I love the little fake pearls on it, it is a very cute part of the dress and really adds an extra little accent to it! (it is a detachable bow too incase you were curious about whether I ripped it off the dress to get this picture or not :D) 

This is the bigger bow, hard to see because I couldn't get a good screen cap of it!

Overall, the cuteness of the dress is so powerful that it defeats any negative things about the dress easily! This is my favorite dress I own and I even wore it to prom and got a lot of compliments~ 

Verdict- If you are into cute prints and sweet lolita I say ORDER IT! It is reasonably priced and really really cute!! (I also think the dress is cheaper than the JSK, but which ever kind you like more you can buy since they have an OP version and a JSK version.)

Next item: Tea party shoes number 256 in pink (purchase price 40$ current price 40$) 
The picture of these shoes on the website. 

I had been wanting tea party shoes for a long time and finally ordered some off bodyline! I really liked these shoes, the main issue was the sizing. I found they were a little snug around the toes so if you were to order these you might want to order a size or half size bigger just in case. I don't know if it is a very complicated science or if I'm just a little slow, but it took me a while to figure out how to correctly wear the ankle strap. (You can twist it around and hide the button.) Let's not beat around the bush here, these shoes are CUUTTTEEEE! 
SHOES IN REAL LIFE!!!...ovo they look the same~ :D

They are good quality, they look great on, and they were a really good price! The ankle strap can get kind of annoying and if you have thick ankles I'd imagine it would be very uncomfortable, it can get uncomfortable overtime anyways. I also just checked and I don't think the ankle strap is detachable. They also scuff up very easily, extremely scuffable! I suggest carrying some kind of wet wipes in your bag with you when you wear them, because otherwise you'll have black and grey streaks all over your shoes the whole night! The scuff marks are easily cleaned with a wet cloth of some kind so, if you were somewhere with a bathroom you could wet down paper towel in there whenever you needed to clean your shoes, but that seems a little impractical. Other than that I was very happy with my purchase of these shoes! They are the cutest shoes I own and I would gladly buy shoes from bodyline again! Not only did I have a good personal experience, but I hear a lot of good things about their shoes. 

Plus, it came in a box! Imagine my surprise X3 <3

Next item: Bow Tutu (pan016) in purple (price 17$ I can't remember if that's what I bought it for or not.)

This tutu/petticoat/pannier is my favorite one on bodyline, okay I liked, the pastel colors version of this tutu/petticoat/pannier is my favorite on bodyline. The reason I bought the purple one was because the pastel ones were not in stock when I ordered. I liked purple best out of all of these darker colors. The style of tutu/pannier..thing is my favorite for a lot of different reasons. I had a more expensive, white, dull bodyline petticoat and it died almost right away and now provides no lift at all! I got a pink version of this style pannier from the pastel collection almost right after I got the more expensive white one and to this day the pink one still provides lift.
Purple one IN REAL LIFE next to my pink one which is on me (I happened to wear it that day 8D)

Also, these pretty colorful bow panniers can be used very well as fairy kei tutus, so for those of us who where both lolita and fairy kei that is a win win. With lolita I find it works best for me to wear both my tutus like this at the same time for the right amount of poof. I generally always recommend this type of pannier (usually in the pastel color way) to anyone who asks and with good reason! They are the most effective for the price and they are easily the cutest! I don't really have any negatives for this particular item except sometimes they have a random black dot from a marker on them, which is strange. When wearing these with a lolita dress just take the sides of the dress and shake a bit if your dress is loosing it's poofy shape and it should be perfectly fluffy again! :D (I recommend doing this in a bathroom if your in a public place)

That is what the dress I bought looks like with the pink and purple tutu underneath it! it kinda looks very clearly like my arms are cut off 0-0..... BUT I have arms I was just jumping on the bed :D I couldn't get a very clear screenshot. 

FUN FACT- The pictures of the items were screenshots from the review video I did with my cheap hello kitty video camera. It isn't that good and I only bought it cause I'm bad with money and it was so cute sitting there all lonely in toys R us o;A;o...SO I BOUGHT IT :D It was only 40 dollars and you have to think of it mathematically 30 dollars of that is for the cuteness, so that makes it a 10 dollar camera as far as quality, but I love it X'D <3


One Spring day~ (wearing the dress, panniers, and shoes)

                     EMPTYY SPACEEEEE


Then I was passing out, well time to go to bed see you next time! Just kidding 8D 


Prom!! (these pictures are really dark and not just because I took them with the camera on my cell phone, but it was REALLY dark in there) 

WHEEEE~ Rocking chair outside the prom room

My friend in Gothic Lolita and her date
I FOUND A KITTY! My dad made us wait 40 minutes after prom was over before he came to get us and it was dark and scary~ (But on the bright side I found a cute friendly little kitty to play with)

WANNA SEE MY NEW HAIRCUT I GOT LAST NIGHT :D It looks better in real life~ 

This was fun huh?! :D Well, now I'm all done! See you next time! We can do some more fun stuff together~ 

For the next entry I could do the easy cell phone prettifying tutorial or if you have anything else I own you would like for me to review just tell me and I will~ Though if I review things I've had for a while the benefit is I know how well the items do long-term. Vote below and tell me what you would like me to do next! (Also, if you have anymore questions about what I reviewed in this post please feel free to ask and I will get right back to you! :D) Welp~ I hear Sugar squeaking so she must want me to pay her some attention! Bye bye till Next Friday! 

Hyperly Yours, 

Skiteanna La~Sweet


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