Saturday, July 28, 2012

Let's Go To Texas!

Dear Sprinkle Pops,

I am not dead! I disappeared because I have been really busy. I just got to Texas last week and I thought I would be done unpacking and settling in a LOT sooner than I was. I got here after a super long drive (It was longer than expected and we didn't get back until 3 am because of  road work and stuff.) I have really been enjoying it here and everyone I've met has been very friendly. I will update this in the morning because we are going to see Brave tomorrow and I have to be up early!

Sleepily Yours,

Skiteanna La~Sweet


Dear Sugar Coated Strawberries,

I  think I will finally be able to start doing blog entries again (>u< Yay~) I have been so busy with the move and stuff that I haven't been able to do a lot of the things I love, but I'm still having fun of course! So how about a personal update so you can know everything going on in my like (Stalkers ): ..just kidding~ :D)

~ I got a second guinea pig named Spice!(Sugar and Spice) She is the dominant one of the two I learned, even though we found out  she didn't have any front teeth! (They are growing back in nicely :D)

Spice is the dark brown one and Sugar is the light brown one. (That is the only pose I could get them in! They are hard to photograph haha.)

~ When I was unpacking my stuff I saw we were missing my main clothes bag so I pretty much only have the clothes I came here in and a few other things right now. For some reason I brought about 5 or 6 jackets to Texas (TEXAS, I must of been half asleep when I packed hehe). So, I really need to get to goodwill soon we've been trying to get there for a few weeks and it just keeps on not working out (Today we had this horrible storm that almost flipped the car and that's why we didn't go today) It is quite the nightmare for me to be without all my clothes I spent years collecting, but hopefully I can convince someone at my house in Indiana to ship over my clothes if I cover the shipping. It just makes me sad to not have clothes to play dress up in and it's hard to run a fashion blog with no clothes! (haha) Also, my fairy kei tutus and petticoats are missing since they were in one of the bags I left. (I was running on no sleep since I couldn't sleep at all that night, nerves!) Which is really disappointing, but I'll figure something creative out until then!

~ We missed seeing Brave because our going kept having to be put off until the day after the theater stopped showing it! We saw Ice Age 4, which was find because it was so cute and sweet. (Also, I'm pretty sure it had wild guinea pigs in it, just sayin')

~ I got addicted to neopets again! (The cuteness is quite hard to resist)

~ I also am again addicted to poupee girl~

~ I got like 8 new clip bows at Kroger (;D )

~ I have been getting back into writing and drawing (Yay~)

That is about it for now! I would love to have new blog posts and make up for my lack of them the last few weeks, please post suggestions for the kinds of blog posts you'd like to see in the comments~ I had a lot of ideas, but I want to get my clothes before I can do most of my blog ideas. Maybe I could post something once I go to goodwill and get a few things~ (Like a guide to shopping at goodwill and making the most of the cheap items or something similar) I hope to get back to you all very soon! Be safe and have a good rest of your night/day/morning/week!

Backily(just kidding, that isn't a word) Yours,

Skiteanna La~Sweet

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