Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Let's Go Shopping! (Online Shopping Site That Gives You stuff For FREEE!!)

Dear Sweet Lovelies,

Today I came across a site that seemed like a lot of fun to try! It claims that if you don't want stuff you can give it away for free and get credits to get stuff for free that other people are offering! It sounds wonderful in my opinion and I thought many of you would love to give it a try as well! The most you ever pay is shipping and most postings I've looked at while browsing have FREE shipping!! This is my invite link, it claims to give 100 more credits to people who I invite(or that are invited by a member in general) so if you join through the link it helps us both out!

Please tell me of your experiences with this site in the comments!! I'd love to know how it turned out for others~! (:D)

I have a few ideas for new posts and I'm going to try to post several times a week to make up for lost time. I just recently have been sent a few things including fairy kei tutus and lolita petticoats and have been so grateful for that! Hopefully the rest of my stuff will be coming right around the corner! Also, I just started watching this season of America's Got Talent, I didn't have regular cable for a while and ended up missing when it started and just thought to watch it. I love that show! It is amazing to see all the creativity people have and is always a lot of fun (Especially the audition stage)! I don't know about you all, but the outfits are always one of my favorite things to see on the show! Some of them are so wild and original (remember Prince Poppycock? :D)

Anyways, that is really it for this post I just thought I would share the website with those of you that haven't seen it.~

Look at this amazing phone case listed here on the website! SOOO cute!

Hoppily Yours, 

Skiteanna La~Sweet

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