Friday, June 29, 2012

Hello World! Let's Go!

Dear Sweetie Cookie Gumdrops,

Hiiiiiiii gguuyyyysss!!! :DD

It's the opening day of my new blog Let's go! I am really super duper excited about this and I hope you are too~ In this post I'd like to tell you all about what will be going on in this blog! Let's get started!

~ Update every Friday!
~ Product reviews (Such as, Bodyline and dolls and that kinda thing)
~ Simple tutorials to cutify your life cheaply and easily
~ Fairy kei and Sweet Lolita help if you have very little money (Like me~!)
~Poetry/ short stories
~ Random stuff

I am feeling very hyper active so for the rest of this post I'm going to babble about stuff going on with me lately~

I went to the fair and won a really soft care bear blanket in the ducky pond game a couple of days ago! They were giving guinea pigs away as prizes for this one game and they were so sick! I think they must of been mistreated and didn't look like they would last a week without proper medical attention, the poor dears ):~ (Proud Guinea pig owner) Speaking of my little Sugar! Let's take a minute to look at her~

:'D Awww <3 What a doll! She's my little baby and she's spoiled rotten! When I talk to her I hear her in my head as sounding rich and a bit prissy, but still kind (Think Rarity from MLP:FIM) I plan to get her a friend soon that I hope to name Spice~ I also want to get her a stuffed animal filled with piggy bedding! <3 

Wanna see the object of my current obsessions? :DD~

Angelic Pretty's Dream Sky, oh when will you be mine~? >u< Who else out there reading loves this print? <3

Now this was very fun, but you can learn more about me as the blog continues, because now my sugar coated cupcakes, I must answer my lolita penpal's letter! <3 I love talking to my penpal she is great and sends me the cutest stickers I have ever seen!

How about a vote! For my next blog would you rather see a bodyline review of the Squirrels drinking tea dress in pink OR a tutorial on a very cheap and super simple way to make your phone cuter!

See you next Friday!

Pinkily Yours,

Skiteanna La~Sweet

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