Sunday, May 26, 2013

My New PINK Hair!

Hi everybody! Sorry to have been so busy, but I hope to get back into blogging soon! I do a lot more on tumblr lately and I will leave a link if you'd like to follow me there. Down to business! My hair!

These are some pictures before, I didn't have any RIGHT before so my hair is a bit longer in these than in the rest of the pictures. This is my natural color and I had never dyed my hair before so I was really nervous.

 This is how my hair looked when we finished bleaching it! I was surprised that it looked pretty decent! I didn't think I would look very good as a blonde. Everyone at the house really liked it, it was more of a strawberry blonde, the pictures don't really show that.

 BEHOLD THE FINISHED PRODUCT! (I'm wearing a night shirt.) I really like it! What do you lovely cuties think? I'm sure tomorrow will be filled with lots of Lala and Madoka closet cosplay!

We used Spat's Pink Fetish dye we picked up at CVS here is what the packaging looks like. I don't have my own picture of the box because we did the hair coloring very late and now it is almost 4am! So I'm a bit too lazy to get up to take the picture at the moment. >w<

I love the way it turned out, but it doesn't look much like the box, but I didn't properly bleach my hair because it was my first time and I was a bit afraid to bleach it any more than I did. 

I hope to get back on the saddle and make way more meaningful blog posts soon! 

~Skiteanna LaSweet (Sugar)  


  1. How has Splat worked for you? I've been looking for other brands to find the right colors I want since Raw from Hot Topic doesn't have all the colors I want

  2. @ Alexandriaweb Aww thanks so much >w<

    @ Sparkling Ga Eul It didn't hold well it rinsed out in 3 or 4 days, but I recommend the manic panic cotton candy pink! That one came out a much more vibrant pink! I also heard Special FX (Or something I forget exactly what it's called) is really good!

    1. Oh ok I see I thought of using Manic Panic... I actually heard that Raw at Hot Topic is great. Many of the employees there apparently use it and say it's awesome. I will at some point be dyeing my hair more XD

  3. This is adorable. i dye my hair so much so i love reading lolita blogs that include hair and beauty stuff, your hair looks fantastic pink, i recently blogged about dying mine read on - btwww you look so adorable :)